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We've been developing
advanced B2B/B2C eCommerce & PIM solutions for distributors & manufacturers since 2004.

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Second Phase all-in-one eCommerce is the official choice platform of the premier buying groups
IMARK Electrical, IMARK Plumbing and Blue Hawk.

Leverage our 16 years of skills, experience, and partnerships with wholesale distributors —
handling all the complexities of B2B while delivering the ease-of-use of B2C eCommerce.

Unparalleled Support

  • 16+ years of B2B skills and experience 
  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Comprehensive Training & Knowledge Base 
  • Client Success Manager to boost eStore adoption
  • Quarterly Business Reviews

Outstanding customer service relies on outstanding support from your eCommerce provider. Second Phase regularly rolls out end-customer enhancements and responds to our backend tool requirements so that we can meet the ongoing needs or our unique customer base. 
     - Zach Ludtke, E-Commerce Product Specialist, Design

  • Manages 10,000 to 1M+ SKUs
  • Drives intelligent search experience for wholesale needs
  • Automatic data cleaning
  • Automatic image editing
  • Automatic Product Recommendations  (AI Based)

“It is fast and easy to filter and categorize 20,000 SKUs in Cloud LSI compared to trying to do so in Eclipse. And now our customers can easily find and purchase all the products they need for large stock orders. Finding required, related and substitute products has never been easier for our customers.”
     - Greg Dunham, Assistant Marketing Manager, Green Line

  • Deep ERP Integrations for a rich B2B solution
  • Full Account Mgmt & Remote Sales Mgmt
  • Reorder focused to drive daily usage
  • Punchout
  • Product Configurators

“The driving force behind getting a webstore up and running was to completely dispense with the paper-based catalog. We have since seen a huge increase in overall productivity, 60% of our customer are using the website at least as a catalog source, and revenue coming from the webstore has increased 11%.
      - Dan Hibbert, Vice President, Hibbert International

Best-In-Class Technology

  • Exceptional speed, up-time, reliability, security and scalability
  • Customize to create a unique competitive advantage
  • Mobile Optimized & Mobile App
  • Kubernetes state-of-the-art deployment

"We needed a fresh start with a solution that gave us a platform to grow on and featured deep integrated with our Eclipse ERP system. Our customers expect to be able to go online, see their account information and our available inventory in real-time and place orders electronically."
- Stephanie Kuntz, Marketing Specialist, Palmer-Donavin

Maximum ROI

  • Truly turnkey for a complete solution from one provider
  • Eliminates hardware requirements
  • Boosts your margins
  • Best value per feature in the eCommerce space

“We chose Second Phase because we wanted a partner that could deliver a modern functioning website with superior uptime and site performance, as well as comprehensive product data and ERP integration. Second Phase had all of this and they had a competitive price.”
     - Jeremy Wiernasz, Design Air, Director of IT & Supply Chain

  • Second Phase is owned by Billtrust, the leader in automated AR solutions
  • Digital Order - Pay Open Invoices - Digital Payment Platform - Auto Apply Cash - ALL Online
  • No other eCommerce platform provides this complete customer experience solution

“Quality, up-to-date product data that is complete and well-categorized is what allows our customers to find product documentation, pricing, and inventory 24/7.”
      - Zach Ludtke, E-Commerce Product Specialist, Design Air

Second Phase partners with more than 150 distributors and manufacturers.
Read a few one page success stories in our client's own words:

Why Second Phase eCommerce?

The webstore has given us a huge increase in overall productivity. Our customers can find parts and place orders online and our sales reps are reviewing and tweaking orders instead of keying them in by hand.

Dan Hibbert

Vice President, Hibbert International
United Electric Supply chose Second Phase as our web development partner after an extensive search of the available options for Epicor based distributors. Once we became a customer, they worked with us as a real partner and proved they were the best choice. We would highly recommend them as a great firm to work with.

Rich Chadwick

Directory of Organizational Improvement, United Electric Supply
The key to our successful webstore from Second Phase is clean, well-categorized product data, intelligent search functionality, and website stability.

Jeremy Wiernasz

Director of IT & Supply Chain, Design Air
We have worked with Second Phase for over 7 years. We chose them because they could integrate our website with our ERP system, allowing us to differentiate our site while providing a user-friendly experience for our customers. We also gained more control over content. Second Phase has been able to customize just about any idea we have.

Pam Nation

E-Business Analyst, Springfield Electric Supply Company
We needed a platform we could build on. Second Phase helped us create a site we are proud of and with great benefits to our customers.

Josh Thompson

Director of Marketing, Palmer-Donavin
We chose Second Phase because they really understand distribution and our unique needs. They also work seamlessly with our ERP software so my existing ERP team serves our website content and orders with minimal special training. I would highly recommend Second Phase to any wholesale distributor.

Wade Bond

Executive Vice President, Bond Plumbing Supply