A Turnkey eBranch Solution

Improve your Margins / Competitiveness / Customer Support

Work with our partner Trade Service to get the custom content you need to make your webstore a success.  Good content means your customer can quickly find what they are looking for and make sure that item is exactly what they need.

Second Phases' Cloud LSI + PIM will allow you to store, manage, edit, prioritize and provide intelligent search features for all your product content (images, specifications/attributes, resource files/web pages, and taxonomy).

Second Phase can meet the B2B and B2C webstore needs of any wholesale distributor & manufacturer with both a real time ERP integrated FlexPro Webstore or our value focused Flex Webstore that works with any accounting/inventory system.

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The Second Phase Difference

A Long-term Relationship

When thinking about a webstore provider you need a firm that will truly listen to your needs, provide cost effective ideas, and work closely with you to achieve success.  Second Phase is the kind of company where everyone will know you by your first name.  Can you imagine that kind of connection with your ERP or one of the mega eCommerce firms?

Turnkey SAAS Solution

Worried about all the people and hardware resources needed to run a webstore?  The Second Phase way is to provide a Software as a Service (SAAS) solution that covers all your key webstore needs for a reasonable monthly fee.  Your SAAS fee includes unlimited & frequent software upgrades, cloud based server, bottomless support and the Second Phase Team to manage all of this for you.  This should minimize your IT staffing needs to maximize your webstore ROI.

3 Webstore Solution Levels

Second Phase offers you  3 levels (Silver / Gold / Platinum) to choose  from based on your needs and budget.  These levels were specifically created for the needs of wholesale distributors & manufacturers.  You are in control of your budget by never paying for levels/features you don't need.

Custom Feature Development

Have some unique ideas for your webstore that will really let you stand apart from the competition?   Second Phase specializes in doing custom features  for distributors & manufacturers like you based on 15 years of experience in the B2B space.

Mobile Ready

Your customers are in their trucks and on job sites every day so your webstore should be ready to meet their mobile estimating/reording/order tracking needs.  All Second Phase webstores are mobile and bar scan optimized and with our mobile technology there is no need for your customers to go to an App Marketplace or worry about phone type compatibility.  Our sites will work on any mobile device.

Buying Group Solutions

Are you a member of a buying group?  If so Second Phase can offer specific product content and webstore solutions for your whole membership at a significant discount.  Leverage your buying group membership to help you start down the path of a successful webstore.  Introduce us to your buying group and we can take it from there.

ERP Integration

Second Phases' FlexPro Webstore integrates directly with the following ERP solutions for real time pricing, availability, order processing & tracking, and much more :

Epicor® Eclipse

Epicor® P21

Infor® SXe



QuickBooks® Enterprise / Online


All other ERP and accounting systems use our Flex Webstore

Project Focused Purchasing

Second Phase is leading the way on making online "daily" project purchasing as easy as possible using our Quickbuy Feature.  Order 10 to 100+ items typically purchased for projects with a couple of clicks.  Now your contractor and MRO customers can leverage your webstore to make their procurement issues go away.

A Long-term Relationship
Turnkey SAAS Solution
3 Webstore Solution Levels
Custom Feature Development
Mobile Ready
Buying Group Solutions
ERP Integration
Project Focused Purchasing

Ask about our Free ROI Analysis to learn why this a truly a great business investment.

Meet Second Phase

Second Phase was founded in Boulder, Colorado by Mark Kostovny and Scot Shaeffer in 2001 to develop web applications that are cost effective and provide a quick return on investment.  In 2004, Second Phase was competitively chosen by one of the largest distributor focused ERP companies to bring custom eCommerce solutions to their wholesale distributor customers (who were small to medium size) and they have been committed to that distribution market segment ever since.  In 2014, they embraced the Software as a Service (SAAS) business model and now offer a completely turnkey solution (software, cloud servers, support) that includes everything you need to sell and support your customers online.  Over these years, Second Phase has become one of the fastest growing B2B eCommerce providers (averaging 35%+ annual growth over the last 6 years) because they truly know the webstore needs of wholesale distributors and their customers & manufacturer/suppliers. Click here to see our Intro Video

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 What our clients are saying

We chose Second Phase because they really understand distribution and our unique needs. They also work seamlessly with our ERP software so my existing ERP team can also serve our web site content and orders with minimal special training. I would highly recommend Second Phase to any wholesale distributor.

Wade Bond

Executive Vice President - Bond Plumbing Supply
United Electric Supply chose Second Phase as our Web Development partner after an extensive search of the available options for Epicor/Eclipse distributors. Once we became a customer, they worked with us as a real partner and proved they were the best choice. We would highly recommend them as a great firm to work with.

Rich Chadwick

United Electric Supply / Director of Organizational Improvement
You're the best. Don't know what we would do without you.


Project Manager
Many thanks to you all for your resolve and talents. What a team!!!


Operations Manager
Springfield Electric Supply Company has worked with Second Phase for over 7 years. We chose Second Phase as an alternative to other basic platforms because they could integrate our website with our ERP system, allowing us to differentiate our site while providing a user-friendly experience for our customers. We also gained more control over content. In addition, their new Customer Service process has really taken them to the next level of service and response. Second Phase has been able to customize just about any idea we have.

Pam Nation

E-Business Analyst
The responsiveness and care that all the various team members provide makes me feel like a valued customer. Thank you.

Scott Williams

Operations Manager
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