For more than 11 years, Second Phase has helped distribution and manufacturing companies compete effectively online with the largest eCommerce competitors. Our cloud-based B2B eCommerce and Product Information Management (PIM) solutions lower your cost per sale, improve customer support productivity, solve your product content issues, and substantially increase profits  with higher-margin spot sales.  The bottom-line is no other B2B eCommerce provider has the value proposition of Second Phase based on a completely turnkey monthly Software As A Service (SAAS) cost that is focused solely on the unique needs of wholesale distribution and manufacturing.
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Second Phase’s cost-effective XML Web Commerce, Standalone Web Commerce and Cloud LSI products let you focus on your core business without the expense of an extensive IT staff, thanks to our SAAS cost model.  This is the Second Phase difference that no one else can match.

Find out why over 150 Distributors have trusted Second Phase to create web solutions that:

  • Perfectly integrate with their ERP & third party data  so their is no need to duplicate processes which require additional staff and training.  Your 2 Second Phase webstore options are:
    • XML Web Commerce provides real time integration with the following ERPs:  Epicor P21 & Eclipse, Infor SXe, Ximple (more to come soon) and is completely customizable with over 50 options.
    • Standalone Web Commerce works via a batch file with any accounting system for a cost effective, easy to implement B2B Webstore that no other competitor can match.
  • Are easy to change & customize by non-technical staff,  search engine friendly, and smart phone optimized.
  • Are standards-based (XML, HTML5, CSS4, Java, Json, Ajax) to stay connected to the latest technology, not the proprietary out of date solutions provided by most ERP firms.
  • Have a professional “one of a kind” custom design that enhances the company image.
  • Is independent of your ERP system  so you get a solution that is always based on the latest technologies,  and completely customizable for a true competitive advantage. Don’t let your eCommerce system be held hostage by your ERP, say goodbye to their proprietary eCommerce solution today!
  • Based on the Cloud LSI data and intelligent search hub integrated with our Product Information Management (PIM) tool for an easy to use, value priced product data management solution.  The key to driving higher revenue from your webstore.