Sales teams drive online sales and become invaluable customer consultants

by Dean Mueller, October 19. Distribution Strategy Group

Research shows that inside and outside sales teams along with customer service drive 59% of online sales

In a previous role in a distribution company, I discovered that members of the inside sales team were canceling the online orders, rewriting them manually, and submitting them to the company’s business system. I asked why, and learned they mistakenly assumed they wouldn’t get credit for those online sales.

Sound familiar? It’s a common misconception.

The truth is that people, not technology, ultimately make or break ecommerce. When salespeople are slow to embrace or even actively resist ecommerce, they create massive missed opportunities that not only hurt the company, but the customers they are trying to help. They’re even hurting themselves.

Cultivating a sales culture that’s invested in your ecommerce system is worth the time and resources – and the only way you’ll see online revenue soar. eCommerce can actually make the salesperson’s job more efficient, increasing their overall sales and ultimately earning them more money.

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