…We’re halfway through 2017 and it looks like Amazon Business’ foray into electrical supply has gotten even more serious since Brown penned his article in 2015 [tED magazine]. The question is, what is this e-tailing behemoth’s obsession with the industry and why is it putting time, effort, and money into conquering it?

Alex Moazed thinks he has the answer. As CEO of Applico, a New York-based advisory firm that helps enterprise companies understand threats posed by platform companies like Amazon and Google and “seize the opportunities available to compete with disruptive forces and emerge the winners in the market,” Moazed says the fact that the distribution sector has fallen short on the e-commerce front makes it a prime target for a company like Amazon Business.

For now, Moazed says that “door” into the e-commerce world remains open, and that it’s waiting for a distributor to start its own marketplace initiative that goes head-to-head with Amazon. But that opportunity is slowly closing, he notes, and 10 years from now the selling landscape will be different than it is today.

Excerpted from July 2017 tED Magazine, by Bridget McCrea. All Rights Reserved.

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