This is the typical process for ECommerce projects with our new customers:
  1. Second Phase provides you with a custom quote based on our Web Commerce product and desired options.  When the scope of work is finalized, you will sign our agreements to get started.
  2. For Eclipse users, contact your Eclipse sales person to get the Eclipse XML Web Integration product at a MAJOR discount (Exclusive to Second Phase customers), so we can communicate with your Eclipse data.  For other EPR integration's, needs will vary depending on the product.
  3. If we are doing a website design for you, this process is started based on input from your team for the desired look and feel.  We can create any look and feel you like.  (check out a sampling of our customers' web site designs)
  4. Once the design is done by us or your own designer, our project manager takes over and starts integrating the design with our Web Commerce templates for a truly custom look.
  5. Our Project Manager will request information on desired drill-downs, data locations, server setups and much more from your team.  Timely response is critical to meeting our schedule.
  6. The Project Manager will set up a test site on our development server where you can see the first-pass version of the website working and start the testing process.
  7. Once general testing is complete and first round of drill-downs and other features are implemented, the site will be moved to the production server, where more thorough testing using your data can take place.
  8. Once the scope of work agreed to in our agreements has been finished and tested, the site will be turned over to you.
  9. When the site is ready to go live, Second Phase will assist with that effort.
  10. As part of our warranty process, Second Phase will fix any functional issues (caused by our code), free of charge.
  11. Additional options can be added by Second Phase as needed either on an hourly or fixed-cost basis, as appropriate.
  12. On-going data, graphics and text changes are usually handled by you, using our Content Management Software tools provided in the standard package.
Contact us to get your project process started