Omni Corporate Services, a member owned group purchasing and marketing organization in the plumbing and heating industry, announces a formal relationship with Trade Service (a leader in product data content for wholesale distributors) and Second Phase (a leader in webstores for wholesale distributors) to bring their webstore and data solutions to their members.  This program will be formally called the OmniPro eStore and it is meant to increase the adoption of a webstore solution to Omni’s 200 plus members so they can supplement their current locally focused superior customer service with 24/7 web based purchasing focused on reorders and account management.  As stated by John Aykroyd, President of Omni Corporate Services, “this partnership will allow all of our members to have an E-Commerce solution no matter how big or how small they might be.”

Trade Service and Second Phase complement each other perfectly in that Trade Service gathers/categorizes/standardizes the plumbing and heating product content data (technical specifications, resource pages, marketing features, images) that will be shared by all Omni members and Second Phase consumes this data using their Cloud LSI +PIM product data hub solution which then gets the data to their webstore using the latest cloud computing technology and software as a service (SAAS) licensing model.  Offering this solution at the buying group level will dramatically lower the cost so Omni members can stay competitive with the national distributors who have already made a major investment in webstore and data solutions.

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