Deep-pocketed competitors (Amazon, Grainger, Ferguson and others) are investing heavily in robust web storefronts and they are starting to see major results.  At some point in the future the lack of a distributor’s web storefront (or sub-par webstore) will be a disqualifier in the eyes of some customers. Thus, Equity members without a web storefront will lose sales opportunities.

Equity has partnered with Second Phase and Trade Service to develop a cost-effective e-branch content management kit that will give participating Equity members the tools to offer a best-in-class webstore experience to customers who want to find, select and purchase products on a website or mobile platform. As we all know, every decision comes down to economics. The same goes for opening a webstore.

Second Phase is a leading e-commerce solutions provider for wholesale distribution [and] has helped more than 150 wholesalers compete effectively online against the largest e-commerce competitors. With its experience of running 150 customers’ B2B webstores, Second Phase can pinpoint the return on investment (ROI) for your webstore solution [and] can provide you with a customized ROI table based on your specific cost and revenue estimates.

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Excerpted from Spring 2017 The Plumbing Advocate. All Rights Reserved.