The Time is Nigh for Distributors to Embrace eBusiness

by Jonathan Bein, July 31, 2020. Distribution Strategy Group

It’s now or never for digital adoption in B2B markets.

There was a sharp increase in online engagement with customers in March and April 2020 and it is proving to be more than just a blip due to COVID-19.

Evidence of a massive digital shift:

  • Distribution Strategy Group survey:  The majority of distributor respondents have seen a major shift to online buying as a percentage of sales vs. other channels as a result of the COVID-19
  • Forrester survey:  Half of decision-makers said digital commerce is driving their growth right now.
  • McKinsey survey:  B2B customers prefer digital engagement 2X more than traditional sales interactions.
  • McKinsey survey: Mobile app sign ups have grown up to 250 percent in recent months.

Distribution Strategy Group believes that end-user adoption of digital technologies for shopping and buying has been accelerated by three to five years.  Distributor e-commerce revenue has also been accelerated as a result.

The debate should no longer be about whether to invest in a robust digital platform. Investing in digital in B2B is a cost of doing business.

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