Cloud LSI + PIM is the foundation of Second Phase's FlexPro Batch and FlexPro Webstore's and unlike our competition this PIM is developed and supported 100% by Second Phase.  It handles the webstores' intelligent search  and product information management (PIM) needs for wholesale distributors & manufacturers based on the latest cloud technologies.  Because of these features, the Second Phase PIM has been chosen by the nations largest distributor buying group as their official PIM.

  • The PIM portion of Cloud LSI + PIM provides a cloud based hub for storing, prioritizing, editing, and  managing all the product data, specs, attributes, resource files and images (from your ERP, Trade Service, other data services, manufacturer/vendor data, self created data, ...) needed for high performing eCommerce and 3rd party solutions (using our API).
  • This standardized product content is then used by the built in LSI intelligent search platform to quickly get your customer to the product they want in the fewest number of clicks possible or using intelligent keyword searches.  It then displays the rich product information needed to make a buying decision in the B2B space.
  • Cloud LSI + PIM can handle an unlimited number of SKUs and is the key to a successful B2B webstore that stands way above a B2C focused eCommerce platform (like Shopify and Magento).
  • As the name states, Cloud LSI + PIM runs in the cloud using Amazon Web Services for the best possible speed, security, reliability and value in today's market.
  • NEW:  Cloud LSI now offers an optional Automated Merchandising suggested product recommendation engine based on the latest machine learning technology.