Second Phase, a Billtrust solution, provides everything your business needs to sell online and compete against the large-scale online wholesalers today and in the future.


The digital advantages derived from Second Phase eCommerce solutions are game changers for distributors and manufacturers. Our Product Information Management tool (Cloud LSI) is the best on the market and was designed to drive revenue and give you meaningful differentiation in a competitive marketplace.

Built for distributors & manufacturers

  • Seamless integration with Prophet 21 based on 15 yrs of experience
  • Webstore + Product Information Management (PIM) + Product Content
  • Quick Pad for BOM re-orders, easy project procurement, and mobile ordering
  • Rich product content from our partner Trade Service
  • Focused on the needs of distributors and manufacturers since 2005

Built for scalability

  • Product Information Management (PIM) for intelligent search on all product content
  • Secure and fast using the latest cloud computing technologies
  • Unlimited, responsive support
  • Mobile ordering
  • Turnkey, SaaS model based on the latest systems

Built for the future

  • Achieve your revenue objectives
  • Improve your margins
  • Customization to optimize your online presence
  • Provide better customer service 24/7
  • Compete with mega wholesalers and manufacturers
  • Gain control over your product data

Everything you need to sell online B2B & B2C

3 levels to choose from based on your needs and budget:

Second Phase Fundamentals
ERP Integration
Website Design
Mobile Device Optimized User Interface
Uniquely designed, customized B2B
Unlimited support, dedicated client success manager
AWS Hosting
Dedicated Success Manager to drive growth

Distributor Focused Ecommerce
Quick Pad (BOM Re-order)
Related/Required/Substitute Products
Quickbuy/Product Groups (Easy Project Procurement)
Guest Checkout
Auto Ship Calculator (UPS or FedEx or USPS)
Tax Calculator
Credit Card Processing
Automatic Product Recommendations (AI)
Contractor Estimator Tool
Cloud LSI + PIM
Product Information Management
Manage/Prioritize Data Sources
Intelligent Search
Account Management
Super-user Manage Accounts
Order History, One Click Re-orders
Open Orders, Bids/Quotes
Remote Sales Management
Pay Open Balances Online
Credit Manager Approved Orders
Job Management
Upload Purchase Order
Product/Price Export Files
Advanced SEO Package
Analytics Dashboard
Advanced Content Mgmt, (Blogs, Gallery, Events)
Promotions Management
Email-Marketing-Signup Integration
Store Locator
Multiple Storefronts
Product Configurator Admin Tool
Q & A Tool
Customer Product Reviews
Live Action Bar (3rd-Party Chat, Email, Call Service)

"Why Second Phase eCommerce?"

"We chose Second Phase because they really understand distribution and our unique needs. They also work seamlessly with our ERP software so my existing ERP team can also serve our web site content and orders with minimal special training. I would highly recommend Second Phase to any wholesale distributor."

Wade Bond

Executive Vice President - Bond Plumbing Supply
"We have worked with Second Phase for over 7 years. We chose them because they could integrate our website with our ERP system, allowing us to differentiate our site while providing a user-friendly experience for our customers. We also gained more control over content. Second Phase has been able to customize just about any idea we have."

Pam Nation

E-Business Analyst, Springfield Electric Supply Company